About Symposium


Erzincan which is located in the Upper Euphrates Basin has had an important position in terms of its transition route in north-east and east-west directions as well as its geographical position since the historical periods. Located in such crucial trade routes Erzincan witnessed many different political and social developments. A rooted historical, cultural and economic structure appeared thanks to these features of the city; however, natural disasters such as earthquake left negative traces on the socio-economic structure of the city.

Today, with its local potential which is aimed to be triggered from local to Turkey and international area, our city has been rapidly improving in the sense of becoming a well-known and mostly-mentioned city with its education, science, culture, economy and tourism institutions.

International Erzincan Symposium which is thought to be a milestone in reaching this target will be held on September 28 - October 1, 2016 with the support of Erzincan Government and Erzincan Municipality and in coordination of Erzincan University.

In the 10th anniversary of Erzincan University, starting from September, 2015 until the end of September, 2016, activities in different areas have been planned, and in this context, it has adopted to complete the 10th anniversary events with comprehensive Erzincan Symposium.

The main objective of the symposium is to examine scientifically the current potential and problems of Erzincan, and by this means, to pick out and introduce the rooted historical, geographical, environmental, economic, religious, social, cultural and folkloric values belonging to the city.

At the end of the scientific events which are going to be held in various places of the university and city, evaluation and closing session will be conducted; the final report will be prepared and declared by scientists. In addition, the papers presented at this symposium will be published in the proceedings book after they are corrected and edited by their writers to be published.

In the symposium in which almost every issue about Erzincan will be held, the scopes of the sessions will be finalized according to the submitted abstracts. Although a detailed preliminary study on issues like content and committee of science has been carried by the organizing committee, some rearrangements and regulations will be conducted on condition of any likely disruptions.



Program Brochure

We will be glad to host the scientists in Erzincan who will participate in the symposium and share their valuable knowledge with us.

We would like to thank to Erzincan Goverment, Erzincan Municipality and all institutions and academic staff who give their support with the belief that this symposium will contribute to our province.

Symposium Organizing Committee